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Voted # 1 on Bizlando.com!

“ I. Love. Twistee Treat. For just a plain ice cream cone, this is the best place to head. There are more and more locations popping up so it is convenient (and for those lazy few, there is a drive-thru!). The ice cream is so thick and creamy, and they have a good range of flavors and cones. My go to is vanilla cake cone. Seriously, so good. It is also really inexpensive, which is always a plus. I will never stop going here for a good ol’ ice cream cone.”


Email from Laura from the UK
” On arriving back home to the UK we have been missing our Twistee Treat terribly! What a wonderful idea and so simple. You are so lucky to have the climate for an all-round year of Twistee treats. Every day was a dilemma, what flavor? which topping?”


Twitted by @amysscarborough
“Even from a hot air balloon, I love me some @TwisteeTreatUSA #orlandoballoonrides”


Yelp review for Twistee Treat New Tampa
“I had no idea this place was so new, as it looks like a throwback from the 50s or something- love it! You can expect Twistee Treat to definitely be packed on the weekend, especially later in the evening, but the line goes quickly. As for the selection, they offer soft serve, shakes, malts, etc… all delicious so far. I’m a fan! If you’re looking for somewhere to take your date or your kids, go here. It is conveniently located at the corner of Bruce B. Downs and Cross Creek/New Tampa Blvd. in the Publix shopping mall, next to the Bank of America. But you really can’t miss the massive soft serve cone sticking up from anywhere on the street. Enjoy!”


Blog entry on Stellar//Piece
“Last but absolutely not least, we were off to our local Twistee Treat. J & I are proud ice cream enthusiasts & nothing gets us going more than a cake cone with soft serve & rainbow sprinkles. There’s something about sitting outside of a giant ice cream cone at 10 pm at night with your best pal that makes you feel happy to be alive. “