Scary Halloween Secret Menu


The spookiest time of the year is here and we’ve got a treat for you, no tricks. We’re sure that our Halloween inspired Scary Secret Menu items will have your bones jumping. They might even help you with your own Halloween party treat ideas. Even better, stop by and bring some home for your little monsters to enjoy. But beware, try them if you dare!

Riddle 1: I can be found walking, but never alive. I usually walk with a limp. I like to reach for objects too far away from me. I’m kinda smelly. If I were a vegetarian my favorite food would be GRAINS. Who am I?

Riddle 2: . I don’t have a mouth so sadly, I can’t enjoy ice cream. My friends usually ask me to hang, but I’m often too wound up. I really need to learn to unwind some and relax. My favorite music is WRAP. Who am I?

Riddle 3: I’m a movie star. I have so much energy since I run on BAT-teries. That’s how I fly around. I try to live death to the fullest, make every second COUNT right? Oh, and my favorite fruit is NECK-tarines. Who am I?

Our Halloween treats are only here for a limited scare! Ask for one during your next visit as it’s not listed on our menu or in our stores. These are super scary secret menu items are only available to those who know about them! Grab one before they disappear after October 31st. Happy haunting and happy Halloween!

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