We Literally Moved a Building

As some of you may know already our Twistee Treat Kyng’s Heath location has closed. The unit was actually moved about a mile down the road and will become a new location soon, Twistee Treat Sunrise. This is the first time one of our cone shaped buildings has been moved in one piece, well two to be exact.

The process began with digging and lots of it! The unit itself was not originally designed to be moved such as mobile homes and trailers. In order to be able to move the building it had to be raised from the ground in order to be placed on wheels. The only way to lift the building was to dig it out of the ground. Once the ground around the cone was removed, the ground underneath was removed and replaced with risers. These risers would then have wheels attached to make the building moveable.

Since these wheels now increased the height of the building from the road, the top of the cone had to have the ice cream removed. But don’t worry, it was only temporary!

Believe it or not, the cone took less than thirty minutes to move to the new site with a police escort to ensure safety on the road. The entire process for the move from start to finish took just under one month. It will take some additional time to prepare our new location for its grand opening. However, you can look forward to the opening of our Twistee Treat Sunrise cone and be one of the first visitors to know the story behind the new location. Please continue to check our website and social media for updates and announcements on all of our upcoming locations!

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